Testimonials from some of my past pupils

We did it!
Darren taught my two Brothers and Sister they all passed first time so I was quite confident I could do it too. It was a little more tricky than I thought it would be but Darren made it feel nice in the car and I passed my test first time. He has taught so many friends of my family too.

Thank you!
Thanks Darren. I could not have done it without your patient help.

Thank you
Passed first time just like my Brother did with Darren. Thank you Darren.

No faults on test no problem with the lessons. Darren made it easy. Thanks again.

Passed easy
I was so scared to drive but Darren made it a calm learning environment, this allowed me to focus on controlling the car and my nerves. The lessons on the build up to the test gave me great confidence that I could do it. Thanks again Darren glad I got to learn with you. Highly recommended.

Great lessons
Loved the lessons. Darren got me to feel that I could achieve anything.

Darren made it easier than I thought it was, esp as the lessons went on I began to gain control of the car, road situations and most importantly for me my fears of other drivers. Can't fail to pass or recommend Darren. Thanks Darren.

"Thank you for getting me through my test, you made it a lot easier than I thought it would be. I will certainly recommend you to my friends and family."

"I knew that my older brother had passed his test with Darren, but before my lessons with Darren I didn't believe I could pass, but with his patience and simple instruction I did it!"

"I had 3 driving instructors before, Darren was recommended to me but I couldn't get to the level to take a driving test, a couple of instructors shouted at me when I kept making the same mistake. Darren was different, he made driving seem so simple and I relaxed and passed easily first time. If I can pass with Darren anyone can."

"Learning to drive didn't come naturally to me, I didn't have confidence and to be honest was a little scared of controlling a car and dealing with other traffic. With Darren's relaxed, structured approach and patience I soon began to have some success and began to feel more confident, I was a safe driver and it became easy. After passing the driving test I did Pass Plus course and now motorway driving is no problem. I would recommend Darren's lessons to everyone as he takes the fear out of driving."

"I already knew from my friends that Darren had already taught to drive that five out of six of them had passed first time. I did to and I thought I was too timid to drive let alone pass. The examiner on my test said it was a great drive. I can't wait to drive to work in my mum's car they will all be shocked. I can't thank Darren enough, he was a saint."

"DARREN IS THE BEST, he was so much better than my previous instructor, he went the extra mile to help me and I will always be grateful. If Darren teaches you to drive you are very lucky."